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Oman’s UAV Future – The Application and Investment Potential of Drone Technology in Oman

The global UAV technology market is booming as the widespread applications of drones are discovered and refined. The Middle East has been slow to adopt drones due to security and privacy concerns but as new regulations emerge, the region is poised to quickly catch up. Download this report to understand the UAV investment landscape in Oman, highlighting the cutting edge applications, Omani case studies and regulatory issues surrounding this innovative technology.


Infographic: Commercial Drones in the Middle East

Do you know how drones are being used in Middle East’s commercial sector? Download your copy of our interactive infographic which will show you how companies such as DEWA, GASCO, Nokia, Caterpillar and many more are benefiting from the use of drones in their respective sector. If you are interested in finding out more about the drones, join us at the Drones Oman Workshop where PACA will shed light on the regulations and highlight the process of drones registration and the necessary approvals needed prior to using drones.


Interview with Lt .Col Yousuf Bin Harith Bin Nassir Al-Nabhani from National Survey Authority Oman

Download this interview with Lt. Col. Yousuf from National Survey Authority Oman to learn about the use of commercial drones in Omani market.

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